Top Trending Foods of 2020- TFTT Reacts


There are always so many round-up lists at the end of the year. This one caught my attention because it's data from the biggest grocery chain and it is based on increased sales. Some of these interested me more than others, so let's get started.



1.       Zero Calorie Soft Drinks- If it doesn’t have CBD, I’m not interested. I need more flavor in drinks. I am more likely to buy just Fiji water before this. I get the appeal but it's not for me.

2.       Four Cheese Mexican Blend- I keep this around. It’s a versatile blend. Actually, I would like to see more bags of just plain Monterey jack or just more Mexican melting cheese in general.

3.       Flavored Potato Chips- I actually don’t really care about flavored chips. I’m more into a dip situation. If I do a flavor, its cheese. Maybe bbq. I also don’t eat chips that often.

4.       Sauvignon Blanc Wine- I have never heard of this and I like wine. However, I do much prefer reds over white, no matter the sweetness level. Maybe people cook with this? I have no idea.

5.       Heavy Whipping Cream- This is either due to the low carb/keto diet or people just cooking more. I use it in eggs, creamed spinach, and pasta sauce mainly.

6.       Fresh Burger Patties- Fresh patties tend to taste better than frozen. I like the patties where there is cheese in it or bacon. It’s also convenient to have them pre-shaped so it makes sense. I enjoy a kinda fancy or at least a decent amount of toppings on a burger.

7.       Artisan Bread and Buns- I buy bread sometimes and I do tend to get something with the artisan label on it because it lasts longer and if I’m going to eat bread, I want it to be nice quality bread. It’s a quality item that doesn’t tend to be as pricey as buying artisan cheese or something else.

8.       Bulk Coffee Pods- I’m out of this one. I make my own cold brew. Next. Also just a bit of info, you can get reusable pods to put your own coffee in. I’ve seen people in vlogs do that.

9.       Party Size bags of chocolate- Not for me either. I really don’t eat much candy. If I'm getting chocolate I want it to be fudge or brownies.

10.   Black Forest Ham- I don’t eat a lot of sandwiches but I do like this type of ham. People are home more making lunch so why not have some good deli meat. Little surprised honey ham wouldn’t be more popular but that is a particular flavor profile.


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