Affordable Bloomingdales Gift Ideas for February 2021


Bloomingdales has a very expensive image, but you can find great deals sometimes. Here are a few that I'm really interested in currently. 


                                           Kate Spade New York Festive Floral Oven Mitt

Price: $15.00

I haven’t seen a lot of floral print mitts out in store. Floral is a go-to print for me so I really think this is pretty. I do wish it was more than one but it is a designer brand. I personally would like to see this go down in price just a bit more but I would love to have something like this. I love a fun print.

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                                                  Charles Viacin Sunflower Bottle Stopper

Price: $3.05

I think this is super cute and I low-key might order this. The price alone. You don’t have to just use this for wine, any bottle that this would fit. I really love flowers so this is right up my alley. There is also a lily pad version that is also really adorable.

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                                                           Lenox Butterfly Pasta Bowl

Sale Price: 11.89

I am moving soon and I have discovered I really like pasta bowls. The shape is good for a lot of dinner options such as grain bowls, salads, and pasta of course. I have maybe two very lightweight ones and two nicer ones. The artwork on here is so pretty and I think could blend in with a lot of dishwares, especially if you only have neutral colors.

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