CBD Products I Want to Try Winter 2021


                                                                   Strava Coffee $22

As I am now buying whole bean coffee, I am paying more attention to coffee. Especially now that I can tell the difference between the higher qualities of coffee over basic ones. Chocolate and cherry sound pretty good together so the flavor is something I would try with or without CBD. I think this is a convenient choice. You wouldn’t have to mix in any of the tinctures unless you wanted a stronger dose. There are decaf options and also darker, stronger roasts. The price sounds reasonable as well surprisingly enough. This would be a really great treat yourself purchase I would really like to order this at one point.

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                                          CBD Brownies from CBD American Shaman $10

Brownies are in my top three desserts. I prefer a deep chocolate flavor with a dense texture. I also like add-ins like salted caramel and Oreos. I have rarely had a brownie with icing on it but maybe it's time to revisit the idea. I have not seen many CBD edibles in bakery items so this is a good step. Two servings for $10 sounds very reasonable to me. A lot of CBD edibles, especially beverages can get expensive quickly.

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                                                         Prima Rest Easy Powder $55

I would get this as an alternative to sleep or stress teas. I can mix this into cashew milk or any drink I wanted to. I think 20 sticks is a good deal for the price and mg (15 per stick). Certainly a pricy version of a sleep supplement, but sometimes you need more help. I would rather try this over a drugstore sleep pill. This is also a great option for people who don’t want to take CBD in tincture or capsule form.


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