February 2021 Food Anti Haul


                                                                Lady Gaga Oreo’s

Out of all the entertainers, why her? And I don’t have any issues with her either. I barely heard about this release. It’s just like when makeup companies just change the packaging and not the product. There are so many other exciting oreo releases coming out (looking at you cookie dough/brownie hybrid) that no wonder this just faded away. I haven’t seen this in-store either. I want to see more edible glitter in desserts or something, not just hot pink.



                                            Sonic Chili Cheese Coney-flavored Slim Jims

I don’t trust the cheese element here. I have the unpopular opinion of not like faux cheese. Slim Jims are salty enough. Why not do a new collaboration using sonics chili and cheese and replace their stuff they serve already. I also don’t prefer the flavoring of chili in food. Slim Jims need a lime flavor or something.


                                                  Red Lobster Wagyu Bacon Cheeseburger

There are so many more directions they could have went here. Such a boring basic burger. Why not do a surf and turf burger, make a seafood patty, add a mayo infused with seafood, I could think of at least three more ideas. They do have good chicken tenders and wings but a burger, especially such a basic one, is not going to bring in the customers like they think it will. I would go to bonefish or Yardhouse to get a burger before red lobster.