Macy’s Big Home Sale Picks

Another day, another random Macy's sale. These are three affordable items that I have recently saved to my home Wishlist.


                                                          Thirstystone Marble Lazy Susan

Sale Price: 35.99

A lot of lazy susans I see are acrylic and clear, I like that this looks different. I also like marble. I would like to see more colors though but I would buy this for myself. However, this would make a good gift if you don't know what to get someone. You don't even have to just use it in the kitchen. So many possibilities this item has. 

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                        Ello Devon 18oz Glass Tumbler with Silicone Protection and Straw

Sale Price: $10.39

I want to get this for myself and my grandmother. Actually, my grandmother might be getting this as part of her birthday gift next month.  We both have hand issues sometimes and the silicone texture would really help with that. You can get this in light pink, coral, or a teal leaning more to green color. I don't see many cups that look like this in person. It's simple but still has visual interest. 

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                                                        Tealish Caramel Crunch Box

Sale Price: $6.50

I am a huge tea fan if you are new around here. Caramel is also one of my favorite flavors. I want to try more teas that are more dessert-like over fruit. I haven’t found a go-to caramel tea yet so this is high on the list. I will pay a bit more for loose tea since it tends to be of better quality. This loose leaf tea is bagged though which is nice. I also like that the bags are biodegradable.

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