Three Recipes I want to make in March

 Here are some recipes I want to make sooner than later when I move and get settled into my new place. 

                                 Copycat Panera™ Kitchen Sink Cookies from Tablespoon


Panera’s Kitchen Sink Cookies are my absolute favorite. Perfectly soft, different flavors and textures that pair well together. I want to have a few go-to cookie recipes and this is certainly one I want to make. I would try these with some sort of caramel element as well. I will do chocolate chunks over chips, it's an easy way to add your own touch to a recipe.


                                   Blueberry Pie Protein Shake from A Whisk and Two Wands


Pie and ice cream go well together so why not a healthier shake for lunch instead. You can easily switch up the fruit. The pie crust is a fun twist as well that you normally don’t see for “healthier” smoothies and shakes. I’m not sure how often I would make the crust but I appreciate the effort.


                                  Copycat Kirkland Smoked Salmon from Let the Baking Begin


Costco’s smoked salmon is one of the best seafood options they have. Every time I go, I usually get this. It is hard to not eat the whole pack. Smoked, cured and sushi-grade salmon are my absolute favorite preparations of salmon. This recipe looks so easy to make, I really want to try it. Especially if I can get the salmon on sale. If this turns out well, it would be a definite go-to dinner option.