Three Starbucks Items I've never heard of




I have never heard of these before. Flavored warm milk is something I would buy. I have really been enjoying the pistachio frappe and latte lately so I would try that flavor first. I would also any of these flavors except the plain. It sounds like a fun alternative warm drink besides just hot chocolate. If you can make these with alternative milk, that would be a positive for customers as well. How long have these been on the menu? I would like to try these iced as well.


Lime Frosted Coconut Bar-

Excuse me, where is this at? I have never seen anything like this at Starbucks. I have never seen this anywhere. Why isn’t this promoted more, especially during the summer? You don’t see lime in dessert much unless it is key lime pie. I would definitely buy this. I would also like to see this in a cold, creamy summertime drink.


London Fog Tea Latte-

I need to spend more time reading the menu because I didn’t know they had so many tea options. I love tea in milk with it so this could become a go-to for me when I don’t want a cold caffeinated drink. Lavender and vanilla is a great combination, especially in tea. I might just look up how to make some of these things from home.