Affordable Shein Shopping List March 2021


                                                               1pc chili coring tool


This is a one-function tool that could actually be useful if you cook with a lot of peppers and it won't take up much space at all. A great add-on to a food-related gift or just a gift bag in general. This might be easier to use as well and more effective. I can see myself buying this while ordering other things on my Wishlist.

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                                                1pc Random Color Refrigerator Storage Box


I love pastels so this caught my eye quickly. I really appreciate how it slides on and almost becomes part of the refrigerator. A lot of items could be stored in there. Just a different and cute way to add more storage.

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                                                         1pc Multi-layer Dessert Tray


When it's safe to have people over, I would for sure use this to serve different snacks. Love the color, I think the style is cute, easy to clean, folds up, and won't take much space. Also, it comes in pink color. I can see this being used outside on the patio as well. You don’t even have to use this just for food, I can see maybe jewelry or something else decorative.

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