Anti-Haul March 2021 #2

                                                             Quiznos Lobster Roll

This isn’t 100 percent lobster. That’s an immediate no. It's mixed with Alaskan pollock. We couldn’t get shrimp? Or just full lobster and raise the price? I also have no idea where a Quiznos is. I remember liking them more in high school but they started giving out smaller portions. I also don’t need old bay seasoning and old bay hot sauce but the sandwich itself could be a good idea. I am not buying a lobster roll that isn’t just lobster.



                                                 Bacon-wrapped stuffed chicken at Costco

~$12.89 for 6

This brand is actually decent. What I want to warn you about, is the size. These things are small. Every item I’ve tried from the brand was either kind of bland or just not enough food. You need a side dish for this, otherwise, you’d have to eat a lot of these. However, if you’re cool with that go ahead.


                                                                         Peeps soda

I am a coke person so already that’s a strike but peeps? I can't imagine this not being way too sweet. Whenever Peeps is a flavor it's an unpleasant amount of sugar. It also tends to be very artificially tasting. I also do not like hunting for new food items. Peeps, I only enjoy them because they are cute but I can't imagine buying this.