Bloomingdales Food and Drink Gift Guide March 2021

One of my favorite things to do online is to look for deals and new food items online. Bloomingdales only recently came on my radar and they have such interesting stuff. Yes, there is a lot of pricier items but you also are getting the variety you might not see elsewhere. 


                                        Palais des Thes Chocolate & Cookie Rooibos Tea

$23.00 for ~50 cups of tea

Buy Here

Roobios is one of my favorite types of tea and there is chocolate involved. I actually really want this tea and might buy it. It may seem expensive but 50 cups of tea is a lot. Loose leaf tea tends to be of better quality as well. If I do buy this, I need a better loose tea setup. I have some bags but they’re not made well. I would love any recommendations! Sweeter, non-fruit teas are hard to find in store and I really love vanilla, chocolate, and caramel flavor teas. Since it doesn’t have caffeine, you can give this to more people. I would add a little bit of milk to this as well.


                                       Bumbleberry Farms Pure Honey Sampler - Set of 4


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Hear me out with this one! The sizes of the bottles are a larger size. This is pure honey which is part of the price. I am willing to pay more for pure and or raw honey because it has more nutrients. Honey is also my favorite sweetener for tea. You can easily separate the set for more gifts and keep one for yourself to try. The flavors stand out to me as well. I would try the blueberry one first. The avocado blossom is the most unique flavor.


                                                    Blondery Birthday Cake Variety Box


Buy Here

Blondery is a minority woman-backed company. Two groups who deserve way more help and getting recognized for their talents. Specializing in blondies, this box lets you try four different flavors. Birthday cake, caramel and pecan, Brooklyn blackout, and cinnamon sugar. The Brooklyn blackout piques my interest the most. I really appreciate the transparency of ingredients.


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