Costco Haul 2021

Now that I'm in my own space, I have room for bulk items. Today I’m going to show you what I bought and why I bought it.



I enjoy all forms of pizza and flatbreads so I thought id give it a try. They looked unique and I can easily add to them if needed. I wanted to have a couple lazy meals if I didn’t feel like cooking for whatever reason. These were about $10.


Hemp Hearts-

I was looking for oatmeal alternatives (I have some gluten issues and I don’t digest oats well at all) so I can do a safe version of overnight oats. This kept coming up and I did more research and they seem really healthy and looked interesting enough to try. I will try this in smoothies as well. Maybe in a salad depending on the taste.


Avocado oil spray-

I like using this because it is a bit healthier and it really helps with foods not sticking. I also like the type of spray cans that avocado oil comes in. It’s a much more even application. This was about $5 for two which is a good deal.


Lobster Ravioli-

I really like fresh pasta and seafood so this was an easy buy. Another lazy dinner option. However, I could easily make this a fancier meal if I had someone over. I like cream sauces with seafood pasta.


(not pictured) Brazi Brazillian Cheese Bites

I am obsessed with Brazilian cheese bread. I always keep it around. Now I know I can get in bulk which is what I will do from now on. The bread is made with tapioca flour which is so much easier for me to digest. It is one of my favorite foods and something I always eat too many of at Brazillian Steakhouses.