Macy’s Under $10 Home Gift Guide (March 2021)

Here are three things under $10 that would make great gifts and no one will know you got such a great deal.


                                                   Doiy LLC Savanna Cheetah Corkscrew

Sale Price: $5.93

The bottle opener as the cheetah's front legs is hilarious but I think this is so cute and makes a great add-on or just a quick gift. It also looks really nice and not just cheap plastic. I also just really like animal-themed décor

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                                                       Doiy LLC Mamba Bottle Stopper

Sale Price: $4.43

A cool gift idea for wine fans. Why not add some fun to it. I also like snake print and generally don’t mind reptiles so I would maybe buy this for myself just to have it around because I currently do not have anything to save wine.

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                                               Thirstystone Fashionista Sunglasses Coaster

Price: $5

I love the artwork on this. It’s just cute and fun. I really like this brand of coasters. Fun artwork seems to be of good quality. Coasters also seem to be a very welcome gift. I bought some for my mother and grandmother and they both were surprised but thankful for the gift. I don’t think coasters are a thing that people think about often but they are fun and useful.

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