March 2021 Food Anti Haul

                                                               Jimmy Dean Omelet Minis

Although I am a fan of their skillet bowls, jimmy deans' eggs aren’t the best quality. The bowls have enough other items involved that kinda hide the egg. Their omelet minis are too much of a risk for me. I feel like doing the mug egg thing or just meal prepping a quiche would be better taste-wise and price-wise as well. I would rather them sell a scramble. Frozen omelets tend to have a dense texture that I don’t enjoy. The sausage bites look okay I guess? I’m a Jonestown sausage person more than anything else.



                                                          Boston Market Baked Cod


This whole meal screams frozen food section to me. You can get this cheaper buying ready to bake or frozen cod, get some mixed vegetables for less than $2 a bag and buy some sort of bread if you don’t have it already. There is nothing appealing to me about this. Just so bland looking. If I am getting carry out I want something more unique that I might not make at home.



                                                           Aldi Corned Reuben Bites


Cat food beef and veggies rolled in batter and fried. One of the least appetizing frozen foods I have seen in a while. I see the thought process but these photos are bad. Why not sell Reubens? Or a kit to make Reubens at home? Processed provolone also sounds…suspicious. How much sauerkraut is involved? I just think this missed the mark but if I see a review I’ll read it.