Target Grocery Haul March 2021

Here is my bigger grocery haul for the month. I’ll point out the more interesting or new items I bought this time. I went during their “fun run” sale where there were discounts through their app. I saved about $6 on this trip spending $134


I am not lactose intolerant but I don’t like how regular dairy milk feels. This type of milk is much easier to digest. Name brand or generic, it's much better. I either use this or cashew milk. I buy both and switch around. The Coldstone creamer is my favorite “neutral” creamer along with the Chobani one.


The acai is new to me. I kept hearing about it and I wanted more options for smoothies and hemp heart bowls. I always keep frozen berries around for the same reason. Sometimes its hard-to-find frozen pitted cherries so I decided to go ahead and get them. I always keep bags of frozen broccoli around. I got the asparagus to try because I don’t see it often.


Both boxes of tea are new to me. I am really into tea so I wanted to try some new flavors. At some point, I plan to start making my own boba tea as well. The vanilla syrup is new but I liked the salted caramel one I tried. This is a backup if I run out of creamer or I just need to sweeten something. I like the Annies gummies, they seem a bit better for you than regular gummy bears. I keep flavor add-ins for water because sometimes you want something else. I haven’t tried either flavor so we’ll see. The gluten-free pasta is also new, I can be gluten sensitive (pasta is never a problem for me but why not see what other options are out there). I really enjoy trader joes fresh gluten-free pasta but I haven’t seen it in a long time.

The only thing of note here is the mushroom seasoning. I know trader joes has something similar. I have noticed that target is starting to have more things like trader joes which are nice because it is currently more convenient. However, I recently discovered they are building one closer to where I live now so when that’s done, I’ll definitely be in there as well.