April 2021 Anti-Haul

                                                Peeps Marshmallow-Flavored Latte from 7-11


Peeps is one of the worst flavors. I love marshmallows but peeps always taste like chemicals. It’s so artificial tasting it’s so off-putting. I love a sweet cold coffee but I just can’t imagine getting this at all. Also, the color is very off-putting. 



                                                         Friendly’s Hot Honey SuperMelt



The Hot Honey SuperMelt features crispy chicken tenders drenched in hot honey glaze, with melty cheddar cheese, pickle chips and coleslaw, all sandwiched between two slices of toasted golden sourdough bread.


The glaze is not enough moisture for a sandwich. The mouthfeel would be so dry. Coleslaw is a no for me, especially on a sandwich. I am assuming that will add to the moisture but I don’t see coleslaw and hot honey mixing well together. I would have rather seen this flavor on fried chicken with bones in it. The tenders aren’t a bad idea but not with sourdough.


Friendly’s Superman Sundae

The Superman Sundae features a swirl of red, yellow and blue fruit punch flavored ice cream, plus super-colorful fruity vanilla swirls, chocolate sauce, a whipped topping, and a quintessential cherry.


Fruit punch and ice cream sound so odd. We couldn’t just do sorbet? Which is very underrated, by the way. I do enjoy strawberry ice cream but fruit punch just doesn’t make sense to me. Ice cream is made with milk, I don’t want fruit punch involved in that. Then they add more vanilla which I don’t want, and where does chocolate sauce make sense here? What is "whipped topping"? Cool Whip? I do like that so okay but this is just a weird mix to me.