April 2021 Food Empties

 Rx Sugar


$5.50 on sale at Giant/Stop and Shop

This year, I have been on a mission to figure out what my preferred sweeteners are.  Baking, drinks, whatever. This is a form of allulose. There is no consistency with brands.  I prefer this one over the wholesome brand. I enjoyed this and I think it's one of the better “alternative” sugars. However, if you pay full price it's about $12. If you use a sweetener regularly, this is on the expensive side. Allulose in general can be a pricier alternative. I would only buy this on sale.


Dunkin Whole Bean Medium Roast


I can’t remember how much this was, no more than $6. Taste exactly like Dunkin coffee. I really hope they release flavored whole bean coffee one day. I’d pay a bit extra too. I enjoyed this and would buy it again, even if it's just a backup or if I didn’t see anything else interesting to try.


Good and Gather Signature Organic Tierra del Sol Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee


I wouldn’t rush to go buy this. The bittersweet notes were a bit too bitter for me. If you’re into that though, you might like this. I noticed that this was one of those coffees that don’t taste good with every type of creamer if that makes sense. This requires a vanilla or sweet cream vibe. For some reason, I didn’t like this with whole milk either. It tasted better with cashew milk. I also didn’t think it tasted very strong. It almost felt like a light roast. I would maybe try the dark roast if the notes looked interesting enough.