Grocery Haul April 2021 at Shoprite

 I haven’t shopped at this store in years but there are a few that are less than thirty minutes away from my apartment. This store is huge with a lot more variety than your typical store. There were a lot of manager specials which I always appreciate as well. Today, I’m going to discuss the more interesting or new purchases I made.


Both creamers I have never tried before. I have been hearing about that doughnut creamer for months. It is the first time I have seen it in person so I had to grab it. I like keeping creamers around because it is rare that I’m not enjoying a cup of coffee every day. Also, it can be hard to get the more interesting creamers so when I see something interesting, I grab it. Both brands are good brands so I feel comfortable experimenting. The ice cream used to be called midnight cookies and cream, don’t know why a change happened but it's one of my top 5 favorite ice creams. It also was on sale for under $3 which is rare.


Cinnamon toast crunch is probably my favorite creamer currently. I haven’t seen it in a few months so I was very pleased to see it. There also was not a lot left so I grabbed it. The chilis are for a chile colorado recipe I plan to attempt sometime soon and use it for quesadillas and burrito bowls. Shoprite has more than just one aisle for “international/ethnic” selections that are great for me. The green salsa is new to me. I like keeping chipotle sauce in some format around. The coffee is new to me. It’s one of their brands but it was under $5 which was a great surprise. I grabbed a chicken because it can be a quick meal for days when I don’t tend to cook. Half of that will be frozen for future use.


I wasn’t planning on getting pork chops but they were too cheap not to get them. If I like them enough, I might start keeping some in the freezer. Plus I also just like them in general, especially on the bone. The pork belly strips were an interesting surprise. That was a random grab but it was under $3 so if I do like it, I’ll buy more next time.


In total, I spent $104, saving $21.63.