Shein Shopping Guide April 2021

                                                         1pc Random Color Fish Scale Scraper



I don’t cook whole fish or anything but I can see why this product is needed. You might be able to do other things with it as well. I would imagine similar objects being more expensive so this is a good deal for what it does.

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                                                      1 pc Hand Shake Automatic Egg Sheller



There are always different hacks on how to get the shells off of eggs. This could be a useful one to try, especially for the price. I do enjoy deviled eggs so I might buy something like this at some point.

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                                              1pc Random Color Multifunction Drain Box



I like this idea mainly for fruit or vegetables. It also looks decorative which I appreciate. You can also use this as a funnel which I think is an intriguing idea as well. The random color thing is a bit annoying but I still think this would make a useful gift that you might not expect.

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