TFTT Reacts: Fast Food April Fool's Joke


TFTT Reacts: Fast Food April Fools Jokes


This morning, I’m looking at some jokes from companies. Some of these ideas could work in real life.

                                                          Auntie Anne’s Pineapple Pretzel


I could see the vision here. Instead of the glaze raisin, do coconut glaze with pineapple. That would add something different to the pretzel world. Why not expand the flavors a bit.


                                                               Carvels Crunchies


Why is this just a limited release? If people have been begging for years to make something, why not just do it. Do you really want another McDonald's Rick and Morty sauce disaster? Or the recent pokemon toy debacle where people were trying to scalp. You sell ice cream and desserts. Why not expand your options a bit.


                                                       Chilis Molten Lava Cake update


Why not add some gummies and cotton candy. The press photo is adorable. At least it’s something different and fun to look at. How many places can you get cotton candy?


                                                         King’s Hawaiian Bread Candle


I don’t see why not? Companies do have bread-scented candles so why not a popular bread a lot of people like. If the price wasn’t crazy I could see myself trying it at least once. It would be an interesting change of pace.


                                                                       Pizza Hut “Hutopia”


The most boring one. Just a place you can have a pizza hut? No wacky toppings or huge pizzas? Pass. Not remotely funny or weird.


                                                                   Outback “Lip-steak”


Actually, I could be convinced here. A variety of reds. I would pick the last darker ones but if the formula is buttery/very moist like steak should be, they could pull this off. The elf brand did a collab with chipotle so why not.