TFTT Reacts: Fast Food Items Lost in 2020

Some of these items are things that really need to be brought back, some of these could stay gone. Today, I am going to give some of my thoughts on the bigger losses of 2020 in fast food.


                                                                       KFC Potato Wedges

Unpopular opinion, I really don’t like potato wedges. Too thick, not fried enough, I’d rather just have mashed potatoes. However, the new fries KFC has been awful. At least when I tried them they were. There’s not enough seasoning, not crispy at all. I have no idea what they were thinking but they need to fix those immediately.


                                                                McDonald's Salads-


I stopped buying these years ago. There are just other places to buy salads. I’m surprised it took them this long to retire them. I do think bigger corporations should have healthier items but if you’re not going to prepare the salad fresh, don’t bother.


                                                Mcdonald's Buttermilk Chicken Tenders


I really enjoyed the first version of these. I don’t bother anymore because they are always changing the recipe and it's never been the same. Also, the prices aren’t competitive. I would rather get chicken from places that specialize in chicken. Not McDonald's. I think there are other areas they could expand options. For example, add more flavors for your iced coffee and frappes.