Three Dougnuts I want to try from Kripsy Kreme

I haven’t had a fresh Krispy Kreme in years but now I am closer to a location. I also just like doughnuts and will pay more for quality. Today, I'm looking through the menu to see which ones I would try first.


                                          OREO® COOKIE OVER-THE-TOP DOUGHNUT


An OREO® Cookie Glazed Doughnut topped with Cookies and KREME™ filling, drizzled with chocolate icing and finished with an OREO® Cookie wafer.


Cookies and cream are a go-to for me, but especially if it is chocolate base with Oreos. This seems like a great fit for me. Lots of chocolate and oreo. This also just looks unique. There are two other oreo options as well. I like the filling on top as well. I usually prefer toppings to be on top of the donut, not inside.



                                                                CINNAMON SUGAR


Our classic ring is tossed in cinnamon sugar for a perfectly simple treat.


I prefer cinnamon sugar over just glazed. I have never had a bad donut or bagel with cinnamon sugar. I also like cinnamon sugar butter. This warm would be amazing. This is my favorite more low-key flavor of sweet bread. I also get the cinnamon sugar pretzels at Auntie Annes.



                                                                      Strawberry Iced Donut


Strawberry is one of my favorite flavors in dessert so I would try this. I have never noticed a strawberry donut but I would like to try this. It's just the icing so it shouldn’t feel like too much.





  1. I definitely want to try the Oreo donut as well! It looks amazing! How can you go wrong with a what looks like a giant Oreo cookie?


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