ALDI and Trader Joe’s Haul



I mainly stopped here for fruit. Aldi is one of the best places for fresh fruit. One of the cheapest and good quality. They were out of cotton candy grapes however. The chicken was okay, under #6 for 5 pieces, however it’s heavily breaded. A bit peppery as well. I like keeping cured meat around so that’s always going to be something in my cart.



Mostly repeat purchases here besides the salami and cheese snack. All of these things I buy regularly. Is plain cashew milk having a shortage issue? I haven’t seen it anywhere in a long time. This blend is a good one though, there’s no added pea or anything like that.


I’ve been trying to drink more smoothies, which is why I got the apple juice. The sugar count wasn’t outrageous which is something I look for. I do think the target acai packets are easier to get the plastic off but these did what they are supposed to do.  The coconut milk is for future copycat Starbucks pink drink and Dunkin coconut refreshers. The trail mix and cheese snacks are regular purchases for me as well.