Food Lion Grocery Trip April 2021


Food Lion Haul April 2021


Back again talking about what I bought at the grocery store. This was more of a fill in the gaps type of shop. As usual, will highlight what I feel is more interesting or you know, my usual random commentary.



I think I'm just going to stop buying store-brand cheese. At least Italian/pizza/mozzarella blends. They don’t melt very well. It also doesn’t stay melty-like more name-brand cheese. If you don’t care about that though, they’re a great deal. I’m trying the 2% lactose-free milk to see if it is more consistent for my stomach. The whole version can be uncomfortable sometimes. The raw sugar is for tea mainly. I like white pepper more than black pepper. It’s milder. Marshmallow fluff is for fruit dip.


Guantley and Jamestown are my top two sausage brands. Well seasoned and not aggressively spicy. Stuffed crust is my favorite type of frozen pizza. It’s a go-to “lazy dinner”. If there are any frozen deep dish pizzas out there let me know! The Tampico was an impulse buy at a dollar. I don’t have kids but I bought kid juice because of the low sugar. I’m trying to do more smoothies. I didn’t realize gain made handsoap but it was under two dollars and smells great.