Macy’s Mothers Day Gift Guide Under $30

TMD Holdings Mom On Duty Mom Off Duty Mug and Wine Glass Set

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$26 original price


I think the pattern on this set is so pretty. I also think it's just a cute saying. I am aware that some mom stuff can be tacky or just lame, but I think this is lighthearted and probably truthful as well. I could see myself getting something like this for my friends who are moms too. 

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Dockside Market Tropical Mini Bundt Cake Sampler, 6 Pack



I love a dessert assortment. This would be a great gift for any mother figure to have if you’re not sure what to get. These will last over a month in the fridge and six months in the freezer. Also, mini things tend to be cute as well. I like that this isn’t just vanilla or chocolate.

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House of Dorchester Spring Chocolate Bar Bundle, 3-Piece Set



As a fan of food assortments and appetizer platters, this would also be a great gift for a variety of people on your list. These are much fancier and have flavor profiles you don’t see often. You could have this as an add-on or just a gift in itself. I have never seen a bar with so much lemon flavor so that would be interesting. These just look fun and different from your usual assortments.

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