Mother’s Day 2021 Take Home Meal Kit Picks

If your mother figure isn’t ready to go out for dinner yet, these could be some good alternatives. Or at least some inspiration to do your own thing inside. These are my picks for variety and affordability.


Founding Farmer’s Mother’s Day Brunch at Home


$120 for 4 people

This breaks down to 30 per person. You get to pick one option from the bread, salad/fruit, French toast or pancakes, sides, chips and dip, pasta, breakfast meats, brunch options, eggs, and desserts. Quite a bit of variety and different options for different diets. 

(photo from Founding Famers) 

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Bonefish Grill Family Bundles



Most of my family really likes bonefish so this would be a very easy pick. Not plant-based friendly but still a good variety, especially for the price. There’s nothing that is super spicy but if your mother figure enjoys seafood or chicken, this could be a good idea. It comes with salad, bread, and cookies with each order.

(photo from Bonefish Grill)

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TGI Friday’s Mother’s Day Week Specials



There are eight special options you can get from their selection. My picks would be the big Carlo’s bakery tsunami cake, the whiskey glazed bundle, and a salad. The bundles have sides as well which is a good bonus. Other bundles involve pasta and sliders.  If you’re getting this to go, you can also order a lot more add ons so everyone in the group can have options.

(photo from TGI Fridays)

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