Costco November 2021 Haul

Here is a recent haul with mini-reviews!

IZZE Variety pack- Long-time fan. They are sweet enough and a good soda alternative. I really like that there is no added sugar. My favorite is the apple and mango flavors

Lobster Bisque- This is okay. You can taste the lobster but it really needs more seasoning or acid to balance the sweetness. I have one container left, but I wouldn’t buy it again

French Macarons- This was my birthday treat to myself. This was $14. Top flavors were the pistachio and dulce de leche. Least favorites were the milk chocolate and the orange and chocolate. Something felt fake about the chocolate flavor. The red velvet was the most neutral

Almond butter- Mainly bought this for smoothies. It’s a large container for $6. You have to stir it a little but it's easy to get out of the container. 


  1. I love Costco, looks like you picked up some great things! I need to visit at some point soon to grab some goodies!


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