Shein Kitchen Picks for January 2022


 Some fun add ons to your cart that could be useful


1pc Solid Color Fries Basket

Starting at $9 for Medium

For those who make fries at home, why not?  It’s cute, functional, and affordable. It would be a good gift for someone you’re not sure what to get. It could be used as something else as well.


1pc Rose Design Ice Cube Mold


These are so pretty. Could use them for anything really. I would host a girl's night and use these ice cubes in the punch. A good purchase if you host things or just like cool-looking ice.


                                                  1pc Plain Hollow Cake Spray Mold


An easy way to add extra d├ęcor to your baked goods. If I had kids or a special occasion to have stuff like this hanging out in my drawers, I’d buy it. A steal for $2.