TFTT Shops 1

                                        TFTT Shops- Grocery Haul Review (Aldi/Food Lion)                                             


 In this series, I will share some hauls and some mini-reviews about my purchases.

-Sweet Saphire Grapes: very sweet, didn’t seem to stay fresh as long as the candy ones or cotton candy

-Cage-Free Eggs: a little small but tasty. I try to get cage-free/organic when I can.

-Apple Pie Liqueur: just like Bailey, wanted more caramel flavor but I would buy it again. Also curious about Kirkland brand Baileys

-Bacon and Sausage: nothing exciting but under $3


-Fit and Active Drinks: not a fan. It takes a little too much like Sunny D. The knock off sparkling ice drinks are much better


-Shiraz wine: this was fine. I’d like to try the pinot noir for a drier wine. I am usually a sweet wine type.

-Chocolate wine: much more up my alley. Like an adult chocolate milk. Definitely would buy it again.