Aldi Grocery Haul Jan 2022

The shortages are real out here ya’ll. My area of shopping hasn’t been as bad as other areas I’ve seen. It’s tough out there, stay safe.



Aldis organic almond milk is my favorite budget option at $2.89. Creamy enough so I don’t have to use half and half unless I want to be extra. If you need a cheaper option than that, Nature Promise almond milk is a safe buy as well. This shrimp will be such a time saver. Less time on my feet and trying to clean them. I’m at the stage in life that I will pay for things prepped and ready to go. Farro is new in my diet and I was very pleased to find it here. It’s an “Aldi Finds” but hopefully, it will be popular enough it becomes a regular product.

I know I have talked trash about quinoa before and I still think it's very boring, however it is so healthy and easy to eat that I decided to let it come back in my household. Mainly because it's already cooked. I do not have the patience to soak, toast, and then cook quinoa. Now at some point, I’ll probably buy a grain cooker but until then, this is the best way. The frozen items are new to me but I like the concept of a vegetable fry. Also, an easy way to try beets.


Total Spent $76.21

Cheapest items:

Jalapenos- $0.79

 Cucumber- $1.19

Most Expensive:

$5.49 shrimp

$4.49 cashews