Shoprite Grocery Haul December 2021

 ShopRite Haul

Some highlights of my purchase!

Bacon- this was $3.05 for quite a bit of bacon. It’s not full strips, but large chunks of pieces that more than makeup for it. Would definitely buy more of this

Cream of Rice- Wheat can be a little hard for me to digest, so I thought I would give this a try. I like the original so hopefully, this will be similar.

French Vanilla Hot Cocoa- a new flavor to me. I’m into cocoa so an easy buy at $0.60

Gatorade Zero Packs- It has been hard to find Gatorade Zero in the bottles in my preferred flavors so I’m going to give this a try.

Simply Almond Milk- The Simply Brand has never failed me. Every purchase from them is always a successful choice. Here’s hoping this will be nice and creamy. Look for the creamiest almond milk for when I can't find cashew milk or don’t want to pay over $4 for it.

Savings: $6.36

Total Spent: $25.77