Groceries from Target (Jan 2022)

                                                          Target Grocery Haul Jan 2022



Most of these items are new to me. This was my last stop of the day for groceries. Target was the only store that had regular tofu and single avocados. I couldn’t find cabbage anywhere.



Target was also the only store that had almond flour in stock. Marked down to $5.75. I want to experiment with low-carb bread-like muffins and pancakes.  I was told about all the benefits of green tea and I found some decaffeinated which I usually prefer for tea. I really want to do better with drinking tea in general for taste and all the good for you nutrients. Really interested in trying more of this Favorite Day line as well.

Total: $72

Most Expensive Buys:

Starbucks Sugar-Free creamer at $5.79

Almond Flour $5.79

Torani Sugar-free caramel and sugar-free vanilla syrup at $4.29


Cheapest Buys-

Strawberry Lemonade Water $0.69

Water $0.69 each

Avocado $0.89 each