Lidl Grocery Haul Jan 2022

 Lidl Grocery Haul Jan 2022



I am so pleased Lidl is starting to carry more whole bean coffee. All of them are under $6 as well. If this is good expresso, it will most likely replace the one I get from trader Joe. The cereal is for an oat-free granola recipe I want to try. For some reason, the almond milk was $0.90 which is the only reason why I bought it. I like to limit sugar to more fun stuff like ice cream.



Decided to try grass-fed beef to see what the hype was about, plus it was on sale. On the hunt for plant-based yogurts to try, I really don’t like the aggressive tartness of milk-based Greek yogurt. Once I find a low sugar or sugar-free version, I’ll buy it in larger servings. Egg pasta is my absolute favorite and this one was a fresh version so that will be fun to try. Not pictured: stock, frost waters, coffee monster.


Total: 45.48

Most Expensive items:

Expresso $5.99

Steak $4.99

Organic Coffee $4.99


Lowest priced items:

Chocolate Almond milk $0.90

Sweet Potato $0.65

Bagels $1.09