TFTT Reacts- Yelp 2022 Food and Dining Trends

 TFTT Reacts- Yelp 2022 Food and Dining Trends

Today I’m going to discuss some of the trends that I’m personally interested in.


1.       Croffle- I enjoy waffles and croissants, so I would try this at least once. Would it be classic-style waffles or Belgian waffles? If it is Belgian, would it be similar to bubble waffles which I also enjoy? My fruit of choice for breakfast bread is strawberries.  Or I would eat this with just butter.


Malasadas- Yeast is my preferred base for doughnuts so I would absolutely try this. The citrus element is an interesting twist. Cinnamon sugar is also one of my favorite doughnut toppings. It’s nice to see more cultures being represented.


Blond Pizza- I remember in high school, there would be fundraiser pizzas and the best flavor was the white pizza. I would absolutely order this. I love cheese and garlic.