Aldi Grocery Highlights Feb 2022

Aldi Grocery Highlights Feb 2022

I usually do a large 2-3 store haul in the middle of the month. Here is my ALDI haul.


Gluten-Free Pasta- I enjoyed the quinoa and rice blend so I decided to try another version as well. The spiral pasta is just quinoa. I didn’t see these the last time I was there so I decided to grab it. Which to be honest, is kinda the theme for groceries this season. I have a list and ideas but with all the mess going on, I’m much more likely just going to grab it


Medium Raw Shrimp- the best deal. $5.49 for cleaned shrimp and no tail. They’re quick to cook as well.

Soybean Pasta- I can digest tofu so I figured I’d try this. I’m very into finding the best alternative pasta so I can eat it way more often. Also to have more anti-inflammatory options.

Toasted Sesame Oil- first time I noticed here so I grabbed it. Good to have another option around in the pantry.

Paliani Rice- I’ve had palm pasta and I wasn’t crazy about it but maybe will be better in rice form?


Lowest Priced Items:

Yeast $0.89

Chocolate Bar $1.39


Most Expensive Items:

Splenda $4.38

Medium Raw Shrimp $5.49


Total Spent: $71.39