Giant Grocery Highlights #1

Giant Grocery Highlights

I go to giant and more traditional stores for drinks, dairy, seafood, or meat I can't get somewhere else. Here are some highlights.


Pizza- I love deep-dish pizza. I can and have made it from scratch but I will always try a premade version. I also happen to like Uno pizza. Sell me more deep-dish pizza!


Vegan Bowls- Never tried cashew cream but I love cashews. I’ve seen these being sold for months but refused to pay over $5. Both were half off so I grabbed them.


Earth Balance- the best butter alternative. I will pay full price it is that serious.


Plugra- Heard this is premium butter, was on sale so I grabbed it.


Cookie dough bites- I love edible cookie dough, more shops need to come out. Only bought this because it was in the sale at the moment.



Most Expensive Items:

Deep dish $5.99

Whole bean coffee $10.99 ( I really don’t recall it being that high but okay)


Least Expensive Items-

Flavored sparkling waters (not pictured) 0.79 each

Donut $0.69


Total Spent: $105