Urban Outfitters Kitchen Picks

 Urban Outfitters Kitchen Picks

A new store, same idea. Cute affordable, under $20 kitchen stuff to think about buying.


Flower Pinch Bowl

$6.00 – $12.00

White or Peach, smaller or slightly larger size

I could go for either color, although the white would probably go better with my general blue aesthetic. Everything white is not for me. These are just so cute though. I would get the larger bowl for dipping, a small snack serving, whatever really. I love flower stuff that doesn’t look ancient.



Sabine Tinted Glass Mug


I have noticed this glass mug idea in a variety of health/wellness/overall cool-girl influencer videos on youtube. I like the look, but I really like that these have a color. I can't wait until this trend hits HomeGoods lmao. This price is a little up there for me but I haven’t seen a blue or purple-tinted glass mug. Send any links my way though.


Croissant Ceramic Bottle Stopper


It's not needed at all but super cute and useful. There is such thing as a too cheap of a quality wine stopper. This looks stable and of decent quality. I also just love croissants.