Alcohol Reviews Winter 2022

Recently friends have been bringing drinks over to try with. Here are some thoughts about each of them


19 Crimes Cali Red

Price Unknown

This was a very smooth semi-sweet wine. Apparently, it was under $20 and I think I would buy this myself. It’s not sweet wine sweet, but I could taste a cherry/berry flavor profile. I enjoy the petite syrah flavor of this. My cheap ass usually doesn’t spend over $10 but I’d spend the money for this.


Don Julio Anejo Tequila

Price Unknown

I’m not sure how much this cost but it tastes expensive. The smoothest tequila I’ve had. Opens up the possibility to at least spend $15 on tequila from now on. Not that I buy a lot of alcohol, but certain brands I probably won't buy anymore. Smooth enough to drink neat (preferably cold) or on the rocks. If I ever had this again I’d add some fresh fruit or maybe make a cocktail. A simple one though. This tequila is not needed to drown in a lot of extra flavors.


Bogle Vineyards Petite Syrah

Price Unknown

Petite Syrah is one of my favorite blends of red wine. It’s a nice change-up from a sweeter blend. This wine is a little bit dry. I noticed notes of blueberry and cocoa. Very smooth, easy to drink. It’s a step up from my usual cheaper wines that I buy. I would keep an eye out for this brand whenever I actually buy wine again.