Aldi Haul April 2022

 Aldi Haul Highlights April 2022

We’re back again with one of my largest trips, 44 items in fact. Here are some things to add to your list

Fairlife milk- is my go-to with coffee. An easy way to start the day with some protein. The chocolate is also good.

Family Pack Tilapia- 8.49 for 2lbs I really like buying frozen seafood from Aldi because of the value and the sustainable labels. Plus it always tastes fresh.

Medium Raw Shrimp- $5.95 the price went up for these. Still the best deal around for raw deveined and no tail. I’ll keep buying them.

Gluten-Free Pasta- the best deal I’ve found. Be careful not to overcook it though. I got the spiral ones purely for preference reasons. I didn’t see the soy pasta though I’d get it again if I found it



10lbs of potatoes- now I didn’t realize it was this much potato but I have ideas for them! Mainly breakfast burritos and air fry fries. But yall, they were under $4. I had to! I’m up for the challenge.

2 bags of sweet potatoes- mainly for breakfast and a healthy dessert I'm working on.

Cleaning Eraser- hopefully, an affordable dupe for the magic eraser. I need a deeper clean on my stove

Macarons- one of my favorite desserts up there with ice cream and key lime pie. Under $5


Total Spent $120.99


Cheapest Items:

0.71 Tuna in Oil

0.82 cream cheese


Most Expensive:

$8.49 Value Pack Tilapia

$5.85 almond flour