Giant Grocery Highlights #2

 Giant Grocery Highlights March 2022

Oikos Greek Yogurt- a new favorite of mine. This is the only version of Greek yogurt I can tolerate. I generally find Greek yogurt too tangy but I don’t mind this. Plan to make healthier dessert shakes with these.

Organic String Cheese- mainly got this on impulse because it was marked down. Usually, this is too expensive to buy organic

Quinoa Flakes – I don’t handle oats well and overnight oats look very good. This is my attempt at having a quick meal prepped breakfast with good for you nutrients

Ben and Jerrys- The tonight dough is my favorite, the caramel one is new to me

Milk Ice cream- my splurge of the month. Never had this brand before but I'm aware of the popularity.

Vans Waffles- I want to explore healthier waffles that don’t have things that don’t make my stomach revolt. These were on sale and didn’t have a lot of added nonsense to them


Total Spent: $61.79


Lowest Priced Items:

Donut $0.69

Giant Brand Sparkling water $0.79


Most Expensive:

Quinoa Flakes $10.09 (?!?!?!? This better work tf)

Earth Balance $4.99