TTFT Reviews- Mama Tom Yum Instant Noodle Review

TTFT Reviews- Mama Tom Yum Instant Noodle Review

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I recently decided to try out @sayweee on instagram. They sell a lot of international items for a good price. I find them very convenient and offer more variety than usual. The first instant noodle review from international sources of flavor. I haven’t had instant noodles since middle school. I just find them very salty and I wanted more than one serving. I had a coupon and ordered more than 20 items so a lot of international content is coming. I picked this out because of the shrimp flavor and I’ve never had tom yum soup.




I was very surprised and impressed that there were 3 different flavoring agents. The typical ones usually just have 1 medium pack of salt-based flavoring.


I liked seeing some seasoning already on the noodles. I followed the directions (pour hot water over noodles and seasoning, let it cook for at least 3 mins)


I would absolutely buy these again. Spice was mild, more of a tart, well-seasoned flavor. Didn’t taste a lot of shrimp flavor but that didn’t bother me. I would add shrimp or some other protein to boost the protein factor but this has encouraged me to start looking at other varieties as well. An instant meal that isn’t boring at all. You can really taste the lemongrass flavor in this. I finished this quickly and the liquid as well. I could have used less liquid but doesn’t take away from the meal

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