TTFT Reviews- Vifon Vietnamese Style Instant Rice Noodle with Seafood “Pho”

 Vifon Vietnamese Style Instant Rice Noodle with Seafood “Pho”

$1.69 from @sayweee



The first thing I noticed and really appreciated was that a lid came with this. Much easier to make sure the hot water will fully heat this up and quickly. Instead of getting a plate or something else to keep the heat in.



The directions were easy to follow. I picked the hot water directions. I appreciate the level of seasonings and add-ins. I don’t know if I can go back to regular ramen after this. The small fork that came with it was a nice touch



None of the add-ins smelt super strong or pungent. I really enjoy thicker noodles so I appreciated that added touch. I haven’t had pho inside a restaurant before but I would absolutely try it. I wished there was more seafood in the silver packet. The seafood was tender though. Couldn’t really tell what is was exactly but I really liked it. This had a mild flavor. I would try other varieties from this brand.