Aldi Toss and Serve Shrimp Review

 Freshmont Shrimp Market Toss and Serve Shrimp

~$4 at Aldi

The citrus notes are softer than i would prefer. I would buy other flavors of this because it was a quick and easy meal. It's good enough on its own. However if you have the mental energy to add some other seasonings to, add a little onion powder or even more citrus. I had this as is with a vegetable on the side and I put it over healthier pasta which was good. A great deal and I want the chipotle one.

A note to the chronically ill/disabled community: this is a lower-maintenance meal. You could sit down and watch it with minimal hand use. Shrimp cooks pretty quickly and the sauce disks melt easily

3.5 out of 5