Kitchen Purchase Regrets

Today I want to discuss things I bought for my kitchen that I wouldn’t buy again. There are some things I’m ready to replace. What are your regrets?


Light Colored Kitchen Utensils-

First off, turmeric stains. Like really aggressively. Even if that wasn’t a thing, I need to save my love for pastels to other items. Most of my utensils are stained. I also cook a lot so some of that is probably natural? Any new supplies will be darker colors so they don’t always look dirty.


Mini egg cooker-

As much as I like soft-boiled eggs and eggs in general, this was just a waste of eight dollars. It doesn’t save time, it's not always accurate either. I don’t think I’d buy any mini appliances.


Cheap Whisks-

All of my larger ones are already out of shape??? Maybe I need to use my hand mixer with the whisk attachment more. Either way, I’m on the hunt for a heavy-duty whisk that won't bend and fold like those paper fortune tellers back in the day.